Hi friends!

In this page we will try to introduce ourselves without having to intrude with frills. My name is Simeon and my curiosity for photography was born 21 years ago. At that time my uncle owned Zenit 122 and photo lab, contained in the basement of my grandmother, who daily used for creation of advertising signs. Every time when  I was a guest there I helped my uncle in his undertakings. A few years later, he changed his career and I decided it was time to ask for the apparatus, which no longer will be used by him.


He, of course, agreed. So I got my first SLR camera with exchangeable optics, and is kept to this day proudly. As a student with a group of my friends we had a teacher who combined teaching and the photographic profession. We decided to make the photoclub. There followed four years of portrait photography and those images filled many school exhibitions on the theme of “Faces” and “High School Campus”

When I was a student came the era of digital photography and I took so long to buy my first digital SLR camera with exchangeable optics. A year later got married. My wife, Vesela, which is a musician, as an artist hastened to absorb any knowledge that I had accumulated over the years passed through each stage of photography, and she soon started to create.

It’s been a few years ago and we decided this hobby together to turn it into a profession. Currently we determine ourselves as professional photographers, who concentrate in taking pictures of the emotional beauty of the people. We offer various services in the field of wedding photography, children’s photography, family photography and studio photography. It would be our big pleasure to save your memories and joyful events regardless of whether it’s for a destination wedding, christening, birthday, party or prom.  We are ready to realize a variety of photo sessions. We live and create in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, but we are ready to take commitments for destination weddings anywhere in over the world.

Our extremely different and complementary styles are a serious advantage for you to engage us. I (Simeon) work mainly in photo journalist style un

obtrusive, following the natural turn of events and striving to capture moments of informal poses full of emotional experience, telling a story in pictures. We use only high-quality light lenses to keep the natural atmosphere without additional lightning. My wife Vesela is a supporter of portrait photography – distinctive with managing people by the photographer and representating people in different perspectives. Use high-quality zoom lenses with hard aperture and lightning for achieving perfect exposure and sharpness of the images.

More about our portfolio you can find in our website or our Facebook page: www.facebook.comWe are waiting you to contact us in order to save your moment in an enjoyable memory!